13 teams of young people across the UK use Environment and Energy to compete in national money management competition

Posted on Feb 3 2015 - 10:49am by John Peters

Young people receive £500 grant as participants in the Money for Life Challenge, a national competition focussed on enhancing money management skills, run by Lloyds Banking Group

The Money for Life programme helps equip communities across the UK with the skills and capabilities they need to make the most of their money

The Money for Life programme helps equip communities across the UK with the skills and capabilities they need to make the most of their money

13 teams of 16 to 24 year olds across the UK have developed Environment and Energy projects to help promote better money management in their communities. Each has received a £500 grant to take part in the national Money for Life Challenge competition which will see 340 new projects in total compete.

The Environment and Energy projects are based at community learning and further education organisations across the country. They are:

Project name / Project Description

Be Energetic
Be Energetic aim to empower young children to make them realise that they can make a difference and have control, understanding that saving money through energy awareness can also have a direct impact on their future environment as well as the bills.

Clothes Swap
Clothes Swap aim to encourage people to recycle. Not only paper and plastics but clothing and accessories and general household goods by having a community garage sale people of the community can come together and swap their unwanted household items.

Eco Money Savers
Eco Money Savers aim to educate learners and the surrounding community by focusing on creating and carrying out demonstrations, video blogs, posters about recycling, reducing energy costs, recycling and others sources of energy.

Electrack are showing people in their community how they are wasting money on energy bills and provide them with information on how to save money. In order to do this they are designing an app which provides useful tips and information on how to save money on energy bills.

Fifa Swap Shop
Fifa Swop Shop are promoting recycling by encouraging their community to reuse Christmas gifts. They have organised a swap shop where people can swap their gifts for other gifts or in exchange of FIFA points.

Gimmie the Light
Gimmie the Light are distributing energy efficient light bulbs in their community bulb community to show them the difference they can make to their energy consumption and their overall electricity bills.

Heartfelt Hampers
Heartfelt Hampers e helping people with limited money by giving them start-out hampers and helping them to save money through swapping items, such as clothes and household items, in the form of pop-up shops, a dedicated Facebook page and as well as giving them on-going financial advice through social media and support groups.

This project aims to showcase to young people the economic and money saving benefits of low-carbon behaviours, resulting in young people being both more financially and more environmentally aware. This will be done though workshops at selected high schools across Scotland, covering the central belt, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands.

Prince’s Trust Fairbridge Programme
Prince’s Trust Prince’s Trust Fairbridge Programme are experimenting to find other resources of fuel using waste paper and cardboard combined with water which will be drained and dried. They are also raising awareness to those most affected by fuel poverty and encourage a new cheaper method of fuel.

Radiate – Families project
Charter Housing Radiate have built an app for young people to design themed around energy efficiency. The app is fun and interactive and can be used to evaluate people’s knowledge of energy awareness.

Spintricity are running an Information Session on Electricity where to help the community learn more about reducing electricity costs in the home on an everyday basis.

Neath Port Talbot College Group TABS’ goal is to offer different ways to encourage people of all ages to save money in the home by reducing energy costs. They are providing different ways to save money by handing out leaflets showings tips and advice.

Upcycle Coops Foyer
Upcycle are rejuvenating old, discarded products into new and coveted products. They are holding two events: one encouraging people to donate items for our upcycling project. The second event will be a showcase of achievements, presenting renewed items and have a fashion show.

In March they will submit their projects to the Money for Life Challenge judges, who will go on to choose the best teams to present at national finals held in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and regional finals for the North and South of England. Winners at each of the five finals will be awarded £1,000 to donate to a registered charity of their choice and will be invited to represent their nation at the UK Grand Final in London on 28 May 2015, where the UK winner will be chosen. That winning team will win a further £3,000 to donate to a charity of their choice.

The 340 teams nationwide are made up of young people in further education, training and/or community organisations and they will each spend the next three months rolling out their projects.

David Rowsell, Head of the Money for Life Programme at Lloyds Banking Group said: “Promoting good money management is more important now than ever before, and the Money for Life programme exists to address a pressing need for greater financial awareness across UK communities. The Challenge projects this year show how much young people care about these issues and it is great to see how they put them into action.

The Money for Life programme helps equip communities across the UK with the skills and capabilities they need to make the most of their money and sits at the core of our Group’s commitment to Help Britain Prosper. I wish all of the teams competing in this year’s Challenge the very best of luck.”

To find out who has been successful and for more information on the Money for Life Challenge, please go to: www.moneyforlifechallenge.org.uk, visit Facebook at: www.facebook.com/moneyforlifeuk and Twitter at: www.twitter.com/moneyforlifeuk

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