7 Steps to Recycling Heaven for your Business

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7 Steps to Recycling Heaven for your Business:

Sustainability is becoming more important for a healthy long term business strategy. As a business owner, it is imperative that you are actively contributing to your business sustainability in order to run as efficiently as possible.

7 Steps to Recycling

7 Steps to Recycling

It is important to note that recycling is one of the easiest steps you can take towards recycling improving your sustainability and showing your commitment to the environment. By recycling certain materials — including old electronic equipment — you are allowing those materials to be reused in a way that is both practical and sustainable. Whilst protecting the earth for future generations, and
helping reduce costs associated with running a business.

Reducing your business’s carbon footprint will also improve your image within the community that you serve as well as your bottom line.

When looking for ways to cut operational costs, business managers may not even realize that waste removal expenses can be minimized. By instituting a recycling program in your business, you can easily reduce the cost of removing waste from your company. At the same time, many programs and companies will pay businesses who can provide them with certain recyclable materials by the truckload.

This allows your business to generate revenue from materials that are being recycled within your company. Given the fact that you can help preserve the environment while streamlining the cost of doing business, there is no better reason to begin recycling than today. Follow these seven steps to recycling heaven and you will certainly see a difference in your business:

Recycle ink cartridges:
Recycling your ink cartridges is a way to become profitable for your business. Take them to an appropriate facility, or set up a new facet of your business where you learn to refill these cartridges for other businesses in the area. You can reuse your own cartridges while also generating revenue by providing this service to others. An alternative option is to send your cartridges to a recycling
charity. This way the money is invested into a good cause.

Use recycling points:
There may be a recycling points program within your community that you can register for. This usually works by collecting your recyclables and earning points for your business for the amount of recycled products that you turn in. Those points can be redeemed for products and other supplies that you can use in your business. Alternatively if there is no programme in your area, become a community leader and help set one up.

Paper-free zone:
There is a trend of more companies opting for the paperless approach. Using less paper products within your company, will cut costs as well as minimize your business’s carbon footprint. You will find that you can increase efficiency and productivity within your organization. There are various document management solutions which can help your business go from paper to paperless in no time.

Recycle batteries:
Set up a battery collection station within your business, and encourage employees to place all expired batteries in that area. When you have enough, contact a firm collector that collects recycled batteries and order them to dispose of them properly.

Recycle phones:
You may be able to earn income from the old company phones that are turned in, or you may be able to donate these to a charitable cause. If you opt to donate, you may be eligible for tax credits or benefits so be sure to document the donation that is made. Recycling old phones will also free up some much needed office space.

Recycle old computers and office furniture:
Old computers and other electronic waste can actually be sold to recyclers who want to use those parts to create new products. This is a great way to generate revenue that can be used to update company equipment and keep all technology working properly. At the same time, you can feel good about the fact that this equipment is being used in another way rather than wasting away in a landfill for years to come.

Purchase office supplies containing recycled materials:
Make a commitment to purchase office supplies and office products that are created from recycled materials. This shows that you are not only using recycling programs in order to benefit the business, but that you also are truly committed to the cause. Not to mention, many products made from recycled materials are more affordable than those created from new materials.

Following these seven steps will ensure your business is on the right track to recycling heaven. Making a few of these small changes will go towards your long term sustainability strategy and will increase efficiency and productivity in your business. Add a few of these steps to begin with and the rest will follow suit.

This article was provided by Darren Marsh MD at DNS Limited UK, Pride Park, Derby

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