Gotland to become an electric car island

Posted on Aug 18 2014 - 9:16am by Sustainable News

“Gotland is the ideal place for electric cars. It is flat, distances are short and it has renewable electricity from wind power,” says Karin Lundqvist, Head of Marketing Communication at Vattenfall Sales Nordic.

The project is a co-operation between Vattenfall, the Swedish Energy Agency, the solar power company Solkompaniet and a number of different electric car manufacturers and aims to boost interest in electric cars.

The idea is to offer electric cars for rental on Gotland this summer.

20 new charging stations have been installed at popular tourist destinations

20 new charging stations have been installed at popular tourist destinations

Electric car island

The purpose is to introduce electric cars and give people the chance to try them out. Some 20 new charging stations have been installed at popular tourist destinations, from Hoburgen in the south to Fårö in the north, so the cars can be charged where people normally stop when on holiday.

The charging stations have been fitted with Vattenfall’s charging box and the company is contributing its knowledge of charging infrastructure to the project.

Jon Malmsten, responsible for the Elbilslandet Gotland electric car project says: “Gotland will be an electric car island. Within five years the electric car will be the natural choice for tourists here. Gotland is perfect because so many tourists come here and those who come often leave their cars at home.”

Some 20 electric cars are involved in the project, ten of which are the compact Renault Twizy.

“These and most of the others will carry Vattenfall’s colours and logo, and the words “Vi kör på el” (Powered by electricity),” says Lundqvist.

The pilot project will also include a number of Nissan Leafs and VW E-Ups.

The electric cars can be rented from Visby marina and at the airport.

Boost interest

The business models around the charging structure will also be evaluated, amongst others, through collaboration with Linköping University and the Royal Institute of Technology.

“This project will make Gotland an example for other regions and will boost interest in electric cars outside the rental market too,” says Malmsten.

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