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Posted on Jan 20 2015 - 11:30am by Sustainable News

British Land is one of Europe’s largest listed real estate companies with properties accommodating over 1,000 different organisations, which receive over 300 million visits each year. The company is committed to

In order to work towards British Land’s green credentials across its retail portfolio, the company partnered with IMServ Europe

In order to work towards British Land’s green credentials across its retail portfolio, the company partnered with IMServ Europe

increasing energy efficiency across its portfolio.
Matt Webster, Energy Executive at British Land explains: “Occupiers and people, who work, shop and live in our buildings, increasingly prefer energy efficient, low carbon buildings. To ensure these desires are met, British Land goes beyond regulatory requirements by leading on energy efficiency to reduce costs and create sustainable, future proofed buildings our clients can be proud of.”

The energy management system

In order to work towards British Land’s green credentials across its retail portfolio, the company partnered with IMServ Europe, one of the UK’s largest independent energy management providers.
Matt continues: “We started working with IMServ at a few properties in 2010, before rolling out their solutions at around 60 properties in 2013. We knew they were good value for money and had a great reputation, particularly when operating over large scales.
“We required a more accurate understanding of energy usage profiles to assist with energy saving strategies and site management. Manual reads were being taken on large sites and the energy management team needed more regular, more granular data to optimise energy efficiency.”
IMServ was commissioned to install Non-Half Hourly (NHH) and Half Hourly (HH) Automated Meter Readers (AMR), along with its Energy DataVision (EDV) which provides British Land with the key to end-to-end energy management. The system displays everything from data collection and storage, through to reporting and analysis.

The results

Matt explains: “To meet our environmental requirements we aim to achieve a 40% reduction in landlord-influenced energy use across our existing portfolio by 2015, compared to 2009. As of March 2014 we have achieved a 34% reduction in energy use, which equates to a saving of £6.9 million for our occupiers.
“Over the same time period we also aim to reduce our scope 1 (greenhouse gases) and scope 2 (consumption of electricity, heat and steam) emissions by 40%. As of March 2014 we have achieved 36% lower carbon emissions (Scope 1 and 2), saving 37,000 tonnes of carbon. This is the equivalent of the annual emissions of 5,700 homes.”
The results of the partnership to date have contributed to significant financial and carbon savings however Matt explains that there are additional benefits to using IMServ’s services too.
“Implementation of the automated meter readers has saved our local property teams days each month that would be otherwise spent manually reading meters. Another key advantage is that our new systems automatically feed data into our energy providers, making it much easier for our retail occupiers to validate their energy bills, saving them time too.
“IMServ’s services also automatically alert our local managers if energy consumption exceeds agreed thresholds, making it easier to identify saving opportunities, such as equipment being left on out-of-hours. These energy profiles are all displayed visually which is a real benefit when interrogating the data for further saving opportunities.
“Earlier this year as a result of their exceptional project management we awarded IMServ our ‘Managing Efficiently Supplier’ award. IMServ have proved invaluable in rolling this project out – the service we have received has been first class.”

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