Over 450 thought leaders from 30+ countries will gather at SB’15 London

Posted on Nov 16 2015 - 10:55am by John Peters

In less than two weeks, over 450 thought leaders from 30+ countries will gather at SB’15 London to discuss, share, and explore the evolving solutions allowing them to successfully translate environmental and social purpose into business and brand value. The event will boast three days of jam-packed programming providing the latest intelligence from top researchers, tangible solutions from brands at the forefront of sustainability, and insights into pertinent topics such as ESG regulations, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, consumer behavior, employee engagement, and much more. Here are 15 reasons why you can’t afford to miss SB’15 London:

 15 reasons to attend SB15 London

15 reasons to attend SB15 London

  1. Nielsen, BBMG, Futerra, Dragon Rouge, Wolff Olins and The Natural Marketing Institute will unveil new data on the current state of consumer expectations and purchase drivers around sustainability.
  2. Best-selling author John Izzo will analyze worldwide efforts by faith-based communities to drive sustainable business practices, as well as opportunities for brands to respond effectively and capture new markets.
  3. Disney, IKEA, Heineken, Marks & Spencer, The Guardian, Mr. Goodvertising and others will go behind the scenes on new marketing and communication campaigns that are shaping the landscape of sustainability messaging.
  4. Unilever, BASF, adidas, Mondelez, Mars, UPS, and Philips will share details and updates around their latest efforts to pivot their business models and shift product portfolios in alignment with their sustainability strategies.
  5. The Future-Fit Business team will present a breakthrough new goal-setting tool outlining 20 science-based social and environmental goals that all companies, regardless of industry or size, can apply.
  6. O2 Telefónica, KPMG, SAP, Coca-Cola Spain and Global Tolerance will discuss how purpose-driven Millennials are reshaping relationships between brands and employees, and what executives can do to embed adequate values throughout an organization.
  7. Remarkable innovators from TerraCycle, bio-bean and Renmatix will lead an open discussion about opportunities and challenges facing bio-materials and bio-products in the current business environment, along with success prospects for the near future.
  8. Sustainly will offer a sneak peek at its new Big Brand Report examining what is working, and what isn’t, for brand-level social media sustainability communication strategies of the 15 largest global FMCG companies.
  9. IBM will explain how its Watson supercomputer and other cognitive computing technologies can help collect and analyze real-time market intelligence, and unleash superior new stakeholder engagement initiatives as a result.
  10. eRevalue, Baker & McKenzie, Hermes EOS and UN PRI will offer insight into a broad global landscape of emerging ESG regulations and explain what brands can do to stay one move ahead and minimize risk.
  11. The UN Global Compact, The European Commission, Cambridge University and SABMiller will provide an overview of what to expect from the new UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as guidance on steps companies can take to help meet the SDGs while creating additional value for themselves and their stakeholders in the process.
  12. AHA! Communications will explore the “landscape” of language to show how unique communication can create competitive advantage and teach attendees to looks for signs of effective, or ineffective, sustainability communication.
  13. Social science experts from Krukow and BrainJuicer will guide the audience through the evolution of emerging frameworks and tools that can help brands inspire and incentivize behavior change at scale.
  14. Seymourpowell will lead a series of real-team, live design exercises as part of a workshop on a sustainable innovation fundamentals, with the goal of creating world-changing concepts from pre-defined challenges.
  15. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation will provide guidance on using Circularity Indicators and other new research insights and tools that help measure and modify the level of circularity of existing business models.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the Full Program for a complete picture of the variety of discussions, caliber of speakers, and topics that interest you. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with top professionals, network with today’s leading change agents, and find the partnerships and solutions you need to help your organization successfully innovate for sustainability. With the event only two weeks away, now is the time to register, so don’t wait!

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