Resource Efficient Scotland rolls out free package of waste-prevention support for businesses

Posted on Jun 25 2014 - 8:40pm by Sustainable News

Scottish businesses can find out how to cut waste and save money by accessing a free package of support being rolled out by this summer by Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme of Zero Waste Scotland. The comprehensive support package includes two new guides and a series of workshops and online training events designed to help companies take easy and low cost steps to improve their resource efficiency.

The first guide covers implementation measures and will help businesses take advantage of common waste prevention, re-use and recycling opportunities. The second guide is a waste services procurement support publication which provides a simple seven-step process to help companies secure the most suitable waste management solution for their organisation.

In addition, a series of training events will help organisations across Scotland by covering a number of topics including ‘How to reduce waste and save money’ and ‘How to run a waste prevention campaign’.

Waste Provention Guides

Waste Provention Guides

“Scottish organisations could save as much as £2.9 billion every year by making more efficient use of their resources,” said Marissa Lippiatt, Head of Resource Efficient Scotland, a Zero Waste Scotland programme designed to provide a one-stop-shop to help businesses reduce their energy, water and raw materials usage. “By preventing waste, Scottish organisations can save money and help to boost the Scottish economy.

“Whatever the type and volume of waste a business generates, it’s costing money,” she said. “In fact, companies are paying for wasted materials twice, once when they buy it and again when they throw it away. Preventing waste from arising in the first place should be the priority for any organisation – and it is easy to achieve. Rather than waiting until there is a pile of waste to deal with, preventing waste will actually eliminate the burden and costs of handling, treating and disposing of your waste altogether.”

Companies can make significant savings by cutting waste. For example, Scottish haggis manufacturer Macsween of Edinburgh saved more than £10,000 by taking steps to prioritise sustainability and improve waste management practices. James Macsween, Director at Macsween of Edinburgh, said: “Accessing support gave us a fresh perspective and helped us realise that we could make greater environmental and financial savings by focusing on wasting less.”


Financial services company Morgan Stanley has reduced waste costs and increased recycling rates to 83% and encourages other organisations in Scotland to enjoy similar benefits. Les Peter, Global Co Head of Corporate Real Estate Management, said: “Our achievements in Glasgow demonstrate our commitment to advancing environmental sustainability and social responsibility – and have saved us money. By following our example, other companies could realise similar benefits at little or no cost.”

The new guides are available to download now from the Resource Efficient Scotland website, where full details of free training events are also be available.

Resource Efficient Scotland can help businesses in a wide range of ways to help them save money and cut resource use. The recently launched Resource Efficiency Pledge scheme is a great way to start your resource efficiency journey as a business. By pledging to take on a number of actions over the course of a year, businesses can develop a set of goals to work towards and also gain certification for their achievement and demonstrate their commitment to resource efficiency.

The online savings finder tool is also a great way to kick off a resource efficiency drive, by using a short questionnaire to develop a tailor made report to identify money saving opportunities for your business.

Businesses can also take advantage of free one-to-one advice and support via Resource Efficient Scotland’s free advice helpline by calling 0808 808 2268.

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