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Posted on Aug 4 2013 - 11:38pm by Sustainable News

Issue 11 – Editors Comment:

Sustainable Times Magazine Issue 11

Sustainable Times Magazine Issue 11

Paperless processes are hugely beneficial to businesses and the environment, but in the rush to eradicate paper have the needs of consumers been forgotten? The Keep Me Posted campaign certainly thinks so – and with good reason (see page 16).

Going paperless is a relatively easy way for an organisation to reduce its carbon footprint, but it is not always in the best interests of customers.

A more challenging path is to accept that some people will always prefer to work with paper and find ways to reduce the environmental impact of their choices. In this issue we feature two outstanding examples of this approach: Toshiba’s Eco MFP, which uses erasable toner so that a sheet of paper can be re-used five times (page 15); and the Mega-News Print on demand magazine kiosk, which reduces the carbon footprint of magazines by as much as 60% (page 12).

Both initiatives are a welcome reminder that an overly proscriptive approach is not the only way to achieve green objectives.

Virgin Media trials erasable copier,
The news stand of the future,
Saving energy without coercion.

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