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Posted on Aug 4 2014 - 11:49pm by Sustainable News

Issue 12 – Editors Comment:

Sustainable Times Magazine Issue 12

Sustainable Times Magazine Issue 12

All bases covered –

for convenience’s sake So, streaming videos from Netflix is greener than watching a DVD, especially if that DVD is collected from a store rather than delivered to your house. This seems highly likely; just as plausible in fact as studies that argue the opposite.

I love investigations like the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory analysis of DVD streaming, while accepting that they have very little value except as academic exercises. Perhaps as a fan of vinyl – arguably the least green way of consuming music – I am prejudiced, but surely no one chooses to be a Netflix customer for environmental considerations.

The real reason is convenience.

That’s also why people listen to digital music and get their news online and via social media. Here, at Sustainable Times, we have started to
expand our digital coverage so that you can access content in whatever format you find most convenient, whether that is the
web (, social media (, twitter (@SustainTimesMag) or a printed

When we’ve got more time, we’ll let you know which option has the smallest footprint.

The return of the company car,
Virtual computing’s real benefits,
Printing in SMEs.

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