Sustainable Times – Issue Number 13 – Free Download

Posted on Nov 26 2014 - 5:21pm by Sustainable News

Every one likes a case study. They show how technology is being used in the real world and the best ones include statistics that really grab the

Sustainable Times – Issue Number 13 – Free Download

Sustainable Times – Issue Number 13 – Free Download

attention. Even so, there comes a point when you have to wonder what the value is in publishing them.

Do people still need to be persuaded of the benefits of a paper saving pull printing system, say, or faster, more reliable electronic workflows? Well yes, apparently they do. AIIM’s new study, Paper Wars 2014 – an update from the battlefield , reveals that one in five organisations is still increasing its consumption of paper. I’m not one of those who thinks paper is inherently bad just because it comes from trees – the cover story on page 10 shows how wrong-headed that view is. But there is no doubt that paper does slow things down and does take up a lot of space.

So as long as inefficiencies persist we will continue to bang the drum for more sustainable business practices. In the meantime, green advocates who are finding it hard to make headway in their organisations might take some encouragement from the advice offered by Professor Andrea Sella on page 18.

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