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Posted on Mar 3 2012 - 11:03pm by Sustainable News

Issue 08 – Editors Comment:

Sustainable Times Magazine Issue 8

Sustainable Times Magazine Issue 8

Received wisdom states that in hard times, sustainability takes a back seat. Yet, it is also true that in a downturn, many businesses grab the opportunity to reassess working practices and business processes with a view to reducing costs, improving efficiency and eliminating waste – the classic sustainability agenda.

At a Brother press conference last month, Arnaud Gagneux, IDC director of Imaging Hardcopy and Document Solutions, gave an overview of printing trends among Europe’s SMBs, which show that sustainability is once again a priority, with 61% of senior managers stating that it was either important or very important to reduce their organisations’ environmental impact through Green IT (source: IDC Green IT Survey, September 2011 – UK, France, Germany, Spain).

The resurgence of Green IT in 2012 is being driven by high energy costs and hard economic factors rather that environmental or CSR imperatives. In other words, it now rests on very solid foundations and is less and less likely to be influenced by changes in fashion or the economic cycle.

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