Sustainability Pioneers – The Ones That Make The Difference

We at Sustainable News are always looking for new products, services, ideas and initiatives from businesses, individuals, charities and organisations to feature. Now we want to take that to the next level and show some recognition to these pioneers of Sustainability by giving out awards each month to those at the forefront of this field .

Framed certificate, winners can also recive a desk top award

Framed certificate, winners can also recive a desk top award

Unlike other awards, we won’t be holding a big gala dinner or event to present them, but we will put a feature on our website and publish the winners. Winners will however be able to receive an award and certificate along with a digital winner’s image they can use to let others know of their achievement.

Awards will be given out purely at our discretion, but obviously we don’t always know about everyone, so we would like you our readers to recommend businesses, individuals, charities, organisations, initiatives, ideas, products, services and technological advances that you think we should consider.

View the winners of our Sustainability Awards here.

Sustainability Awards – Recommendation Form

Would you like to nominate a business, individual, charity or organisation for one of our awards?

If so simply complete the form below and we will consider them, it’s ok if you work for them or with them or it’s your sisters mate, just as long as you think they are worth us considering as a sustainable pioneer that deserves the recognition.

We do not limit the awards to just big organisations, in fact they are pretty good at letting us know how good they are and what they are up to already. So we are hoping you will bring to our attention the smaller organisations, businesses or individuals who are going that extra mile or have an amazing idea or product / project that would benefit from an award and above all we would all benefit from knowing about them.